It can be said that understanding paraphrase is a crucial skill in IELTS listening test.  Most answers are often given as paraphrases of the questions. So you could improve your band score by practising listening and paraphrasing.

In IELTS Listening Test, Keywords and phrases in the question sheet will be paraphrased in the recording. If you master this skill, you will achieve high band score in both reading and listening test.

You need to understand one thing that you will not often hear the exact words that you see in the questions. Listen carefully to make sure that you don’t miss the paraphrasing.

We provide common phrases and their synonyms used in IELTS Listening Test for you. Let’s check it out:

20 synonyms for IELTS Listening Test (Part 1)

20 synonyms for IELTS Listening Test with explanation.

1.  (grow) in and out of the water = on the banks and throughout the water

2.  (sth) has a similar theory to mine = (sth) show similarities to my theory

3.  ¡deas for distribution of the film = make quite a few suggestions for distribution of the film

4.  A convincing title = a compelling title

5.  A gut reaction = an emotional response

6.  A peaceful spot = a quiet place

7.  A professional film maker = someone who works for one of the big movie companies

8.  A wide variety = a huge range

9.  A wider customer base = the customer base grows wider

10.    Abundant = ample (enough and usually extra), plentiful (enough for people’s needs and wants)

11.    Advice from friends = talk it through with my mates

12.    Amaze sb = surprise sb

13.    Ancient = archaic (extremely old and extremely old-fashioned)

14.    Arid regions = deserts

15.    Be different = has changed

16.    Be economical = save you money

17.    Be reliant on sth = depend on sth

18.    Be risk at = threatened

19.    Be wary = be cautious

20.    Become outdated = over ten years old; not good enough now

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