20 synonyms for IELTS Listening Test (Part 1)

20 synonyms for IELTS Listening Test (Part 2)

20 synonyms for IELTS Listening Test (Part 3)

  1. Greater customer demand = demand from customers kept growing
  2. Hand out a questionnaire = give sb a set of questions to answer
  3. I’m finding maths the most difficult = it’s maths that i’m struggling with Ielts listening
  4. Imaginative = inventive
  5. In nearby areas = in areas neighbouring (a place)
  6. Include details such as participants, the cost and sequence = specify things like who would be involved, the cost and the order that things would be done in.
  7. Increase cooperation between staff = get staff to work together more closely
  8. Increase profits = increase profitability
  9. Increase the use of biofuels = an increase in biofuel use
  10. Internationally = worldwide
  11. Job = occupation
  12. Keep details for the major issues = reserve details for the major issues
  13. Keep it brief = it should be concise
  14. Lack of experience = insufficient experience
  15. Link each problem to a theory which explains it = analyse each problem by connecting ¡t with a theory
  16. Main = focus on
  17. Make money = increase profits
  18. Make people more aware of its values = publicise its values
  19. Massive = very large
  20. Need more explanation in the text = need to add some comment in the text

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