1. Suffer = experience
  2. Summarise = outline (v)
  3. Survival = continued existence
  4. Teachers should be flexible in their lesson planning = teachers allow lessons to go their own ways
  5. The company is still in a developmental phase = it’s got plans to expand into foreign markets & it’s going through a transition
  6. The continuing expansion = the progressive expansion
  7. The economic effect = in recession, governments should be encouraging business to find ways to cut costs
  8. The reduction in expense = the saving in expense
  9. Too slow = it takes ages to go from one screen to the next
  10. Unexpected = unpredictable
  11. Upgrade software programs = better software programs
  12. Upgrade water quality = improve the purity of the water
  13. Upmarket = luxury
  14. Was more harmful to the environment = less environmentally friendly
  15. Water levels are usually quite low = water levels generally remain quite shallow
  16. Water-logged = be saturated or covered with water
  17. We could really cut down on carbon emissions if less food was supplied = the connection between carbon dioxide emissions and food production
  18. Wetlands naturally occur between land and water = wetlands act as borders between land and water
  19. What might really bring the assignment to life would be to include some data = add data to the assignment to make it more interesting
  20. Work on a previous assignment = had done that project last year

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