Paraphrasing is one of most important skills for candidates to achieve high band score. In this lesson, we are going to focus on IELTS WRITING TASK 1, particularly paraphrasing the question to write a good opening sentence for the essay.

First of all, let us have a quick look on this IELTS task 1 question:

Band 9 IELTS essay sample:

The graph below shows electricity production (in terawatt hours) in France between 1980 and 2012.
–>“The line graph compares the amount of electricity produced in France using four different sources of power over a period of 32 years.”
The graph–> the line graph
Shows–> compares
Electricity production–> the amount of electricity produced
Between 1980 and 2012–> over a period of 32 years.

How to paraphrase the question?

#Using synonyms: replacing words by other words which have similar meanings.

The graph-(Subject) below shows-(Verb) electricity production-(Object) (in terawatt hours) in France between 1980 and 2012-(Time).

The graph = the pie/line/bar graph
The diagram= the figure
The chart= bar/pie/flow chart; table
Maps= diagrams
The charts = The two bar/line/pie charts; there are two bar/line/pie charts, one of which shows…the other shows…

Shows/ gives= illustrates/compares/reveals/indicates/demonstrates…
Trends in = changes in

UK consumption = consumption in the UK
Various laptop features = different function of laptops
House ownership = people who have houses/ household having houses
The development of = the growth and expansion of
Air travel = travelling by air

Male = man; female = woman; male counterpart; female counterpart.

Gender = sex (by gender/ sex)

[Different/ several/ various/ distinct] + N

Transportation = [means/ mothods/ patterns/forms] of transport

Between 2015 and 2025 = from 2015 to 2015/ over a period of 10 years from 2015 to 2025/ [over-during-throughout] a 10-year period from 2015 to 2025/ during 2015 and 2015.

Every day/ week/ year = each day/ week/ year
= per day/ week/ year
=on a daily basis/ on a weekly basis/ on an annual basis.

10 years = a decade

25 age group = the group of age 25/ the age group of 25/ 25-year-old group
People aged 25 or under = people aged 25 or younger
People aged 25 or more = people aged 25 or older
People between 25-30 years old = people aged 25-30/ the 25-30 age group/ 25-30 year olds / 25-30 year-old people
Children = the young = young people = youngsters
The elderly = elderly people = senior citizens = elders
People in the 20-29 age group = people in their twenties

The proportion of + plural verb
Ex: Singapore has the highest proportion of millionaire households.
The amount of + uncountable noun
The figure for + plural noun/ uncountable noun/ country/ percentages
The number of + plural noun.

Sort of/ Kind of/ type of…

Paraphrasing practice


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