This is listening test 1-Cambridge book 8. One of the most important things that you should do to maximize your band score is to read ahead when there are breaks between sections. Try to underline keywords and keep them in mind. This will help you stay focus when listening to catch the correct answers. Sometimes, you can not hear the keywords in the questions but their synonyms. That is why you should learn vocabulary.

Vocabulary and equivalent expressions you MUST know in this test:

1, See well = have a really good view.

2, Hear clearly = hear the whole thing better.

3, Pay less/ pay more # It’s all one price.

4, Should be re-ordered in some parts = could have been better sequenced. (sequence (v) arrange in a particular order).

5, For the sake of it = for no particular reasons.

6, I was subjected to seeing all the epics. (Subject (v) put through, cause or force to undergo a particular experience)

7, Sandstone plateaux and cliffs (geographical features).

8, Cave (n) a large hole in the side of a hill, cliff, or mountain, or one that is underground.

9, shorten something = cut it down (make it shorter).

10, Population = people that live there.

12, Human lifestyles = ways in which people choose to live.

13, Distortion (n) a change to the original or natural shape of something.

E.g. When you project the photographs onto a surface, some distortion of the image may occur.

Key answers:

Section 1:

1C,2B,3: 48 North Avenue, 4: WS6 2YH, 5: 01674 553242, 6 (free) drinks/ refreshments, 7 pianist/piano player, 8: 10.5, 9-4, 10-50%.

Section 2:

11-1.30, 12- 25th December/ Christmas Day, 13 car-park/ parking lot, 14-45, 15 tables, 16-18: C,F,G, 19-20: B,E.

Section 3:

21A, 22C, 23A, 24B, 25-27:B,C,F, 28-12 000, 29 horses, 30 Caves.

Section 4:

31 surface, 32 environment, 33 impacts/effects, 34 urban, 35 problems, 36 images, 37 patterns, 38 distortions, 39 traffic, 40 weather.

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